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Anaesthesiology and ICU

Due to unique technologies used by MS Westfalia GmbH, its modern equipment for anesthesia and intensive care complies with the most strict requirements applicable to medical equipment. Leap ahead ventilation systems have lots of modes and user friendly interface for safe, precise and effective treatment.


Blanc modular-type cleanrooms by MS Westfalia GmbH allow to construct operating rooms, delivery rooms, intensive care units, laboratories of any types according to hygiene and disinfection standards.


Flexible and high-powered C-arms, remote-controlled digital stationary radiographic systems and mobile X-ray units by MS Westfalia GmbH offer supreme ease of positioning and allow to carry out different clinical tasks.

ENT equipment

Microprocessor-based multifunction modular ENT unit Ergos 50 allows the joining of supplementary furniture sections and therapeutic diagnostic modules to satisfy all specific requirements and budgets.

Medical lamps

New generation of surgical and examination multipurpose lamps Blanc provides excellent shadowless illumination of surgical field without emission of infrared rays preventing surgical field or surgeon’s head heating.


Highly precise and effective ophthalmological equipment for diagnostic examination and surgery including laser modules, 3-section mobile transformer chairs for operations and patients transportation.

Functional diagnostics

Highly technological multipurpose cardiopulmonary stress tests presented by supine and horizontal cycle ergometers and treadmills manufactured by MS Westfalia GmbH.


Unique technologies by MS Westfalia GmbH allow to combine lithotripter, table and visualization systems in one compact and flexible unit for extracorporeal lithotripsy converting urological office to operating or examination room. The one lithotripter with "wide focus - low pressure" conception.

Microscopes and colposcopes

High quality German optics and individual professional concept in creation of modern microscopes optics provides precise and quick diagnostic results.

Physiotherapy and rehabilitation equipment

Functional equipment for extracorporeal shockwave therapy for orthopaedics, traumatology and cosmetology.

Cosmetology and SPA

Full range of equipment for small beauty salons and aesthetics clinics which enable to conduct painless and effective body shaping procedures by using shock-wave and ultrasound technologies.

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