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CT-80 - tonometers

The Topcon CT-80 non-contact tonomer makes intraocular pressure measurements easier and more comfortable than ever before.

• Regulated, soft air puff
• Minimised patient discomfort
• Fully automatic (CT-80A)
• Ease of use
• IMAGEnet i-base connection

It features a 30% faster measurement time, a triple patient safety function, and a dual sensor measuring system. The Topcon CT-80A also offers automatic alignment, automatic focus and automatic measurement, for easier operationt, resulting in consistent results each time.

The CT-80 and CT-80A can be integrated in Topcon IMAGEnet i-base, the diagnostic and imaging database software. The tonometer results can be monitored over time, in a comprehensive graph.

Product information


Computerized Tonometer

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Measurement Range

0-60 mm Hg [0-30 mm Hg / 0-60 mm Hg (selezionabile)]


11 mm

Measurement display

TV monitor screen

*R/L change-over ... automatically detected and displayed*

Up to three measurements of each eye can be displayed and printed out


Built-in printer

Measurement Mode: CT-80A

Auto start with 3D alignment or Manual (selectable)

Measurement Mode: CT-80

Auto start or manual (selectable)

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