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SL-D7 - slit lamps

The SL-D7 is a digital slit lamp which can be used with conventional halogen illumination or with LED illumination. The LED illumination allows observation under a brighter, homogeneous condition than the conventional halogen illumination. LED illumination ensures consistent colour temperature during light intensity adjustment and due to a shorter LED wavelength easier visualization of details in the anterior chamber and vitreous such as flare and inflammation.

• Five magnifications 6x, 10, 16x, 25x, and 40x for daily specialist use
• Halogen and LED illumination source available
• Four filters for enhanced examination
• Blue Free Filter™ system for 1.6x brighter fluorescein observation
• Oblique illumination prevents reflection
• Optimal clarity, colour resolution and depth-of-field
• BG-5 provides IR illumination which enables observation of Meibomian glands
• BG-5 adapts to Topcon slit lamp SL-D701
• BG-5 provides shadow free observation

The SL-D7, digital slit lamp, incorporates four filters which can be selected:
- cobalt filter
- red-free filter
- ND filter
- amber filter

The amber filter improves the contrast and colour of retinal observation. The SL-D7 has 12,5 x eyepieces and converging binocular tubes with a parallel magnification body (6x, 10x, 16x, 25x and 40x) for extremely sharp stereoscopic observation. As standalone the joystick trigger button of the SL-D701 provides an illumination boost for detailed observation, available for halogen illumination and LED illumination.

The SL-D701 Blue Free Filter™ exists of a combination of the special exciter filter and barrier filter (factory option). This Blue Free Filter™ system ensures a 1.6 x brighter fluorescein observation than the cobalt filter. Tear flow details and scars can be clearly viewed with less glare or pooling.

The slit lamp corporates a cable management system if used as a digital slit lamp. The SL-D7 will seamless integrate with:
- DC-4
- 5 megapixel camera
- BG-5, background illumination / meibography system
- Topcon Fundus Viewer FV-1L.

The SL-D7, digital slit lamp, has options such as a yellow filter diaphragm filter to increase field-of-depth, tonometer mount, parallel binocular tubes, assistant observation tube and various relay lenses.

The Topcon BG-5 background illumination consist of a white LED source. The background illumination is required to use for overview images with low magnification and will provide a shadow free observation with natural colours. For the background illumination two apertures are available which results in a high and low brightness. The BG-5 also provides infra-red illumination that illuminates the Meibomian glands to assess its integrity. The observed images can be displayed on a computer screen and digitally captured with the Topcon digital slit lamp camera DC-4 and archived for teaching and documentation. The BG-5 can be mounted on Topcon slit lamp model SL-D701 exclusively.

Product information


Digital Slit Lamp

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Microscope unit




Drum, 5-step magnification

Magnification steps


Overal magnification (actual vision field)

6.37 (Ø35.1 mm) 9.94 (Ø22.5 mm) 15.87 (Ø14.1 mm) 25.37 (Ø 8.8 mm) 39.62 (Ø 5.6 mm)

Eyepiece lens magnification


Eyepiece lens diopter adjustment range

-5D to +5D

Binocular tubes

PD adjustment 55 - 78 mm

Illumination unit

Illumination field slitwidth

0 - 14 mm, can be altered gradually (14mm = circle)

Illumination field slitlength

14 - 1 mm, can be altered gradually (14mm = circle)

Illumination field aperture diameter

Ø14, 10, 5, 2, 1, 0.2 mm


Vertical to horizontal. Can be altered gradually. Inclination 5°/10°/15°/20°. Side swing.


Blue filter, red-free filter, amber filter, UV cut filter (normal use), IR cut filter (normal use) ND filter (13% transmission), exciter filter for slit lamp (fluo type), Barrier filter for slit lamp (fluo type)

Halogenillumination source

12V, 30W

LED illumination source

3A, 10W

Base unit

Forward-backward movement

90 mm


100 mm


30 mm

Chinrest unit


80 mm

Fixation target

Fixation target with diopter adjustment Luminious fixation target (LED green)

Power supply

100-240V AC, 50-60Hz, 110VA