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OMS-90 - operation microscopes

The OMS-90 is Topcon's basic ophthalmic microscope. The Topcon OMS-90 has a parallel binocular, a built in yellow filter, a five step magnification, and a newly designed coaxial illumination. The red reflex is good, thanks to the coaxial illumination

• New coaxial illumination
• Stain-proof coated objective lens
• Parallel binocular tube
• Built-in yellow filter
• Focal length of 200mm
• Compact footprint

The Topcon OMS-90 can be extended with an XY translator, assistant's microscope and camera attachments.

Product information


Operation Microscope

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Binocular tube

Parallel 45° inclined binocular tube

Objective lens




Magnification change type

Drum type with 5 changes

Total magnification

3.4x, 5.3x, 8.5x, 13.6x, 21.2x

Field of view

Ø 66.3, Ø 42.3, Ø 26.3, Ø 17.1, Ø 10.3 mm

X-Y Translator (option)

Range: ±25mm

Light source

12V 100W halogen lamp (light guided system) (one-touch changeable two lamps)


Built-in: Heat absorbing and UV cut filters

Flip-in/out: Yellow filter


1st arm: 400mm; 2nd arm: 560mm

Rotational angle

1st arm: 360°; 2nd arm: 300°

Base dimensions

Ø 740m (30”)

Primary voltage

AC100~120V or AC220~240V

Power frequency


Maximum power consumption

280VA 740mm (30”)


97 kg

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